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Pest Control Randfontein, bring you professional and quality pest control services and has been in business for over 24 years and we are the experts when it comes to removing all pests from your home. Pests are not a thing that you want to occupy your home and they become a big problem and disrupt your everyday life.  Pest Control Randfontein has a highly trained team that brings the best service always, and always advising our clients on the best options needed when it comes to pest control.  We will always be honest and make sure we bring you the best service.  We have been using our trusted chemicals for several years that are no harm to humans and pets. We will come to you for a free site inspection and quote. Our pricing is very competitive and we will try to match any quote that you may have gotten.

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Pest control Randfontein

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Pest Control Randfontein offers pest control for the following, Bee Removal, bed bug treatment, exterminator of all pests, termite control, cockroach control, cockroach fumigation, ant control, termite treatment, rodent control, rat control, wasps nest removal, pest control to kill mosquitoes and wood borers. Pests tend to occupy many properties but it is important to always seek professional advice on how to remove the pests for good.  Pest Control Randfontein has always been highly recommended by all that have used our service. We are a certified pest control company and bring you the best service out there when it comes to pest control.

Pests are not nice to have on your property and can affect your living circumstances.  We suggest that one should get pest control done at least every 7 months, however in the first stages you will require a 4-week pest control service, which is once a week to control the breeding of the pests thereafter you can maintain the pest controls every few months.

Pest control Randfontein

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Pest Control Randfontein service the whole of the Randfontein Region as well as neighbouring areas.  We operate 7 days a week and we have maintained our reputation over the years. There is no need to feel embarrassed as pests are very common and almost all homes have pests and some don’t even know there may be an infestation.

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Once you suspect you have a pest infestation contact Pest Control Randfontein to come out and determine why there is an infestation that is happening in your home.  We also offer the following services, sanitization, disinfection, cleaning services, and carpet cleaning.